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We have purpose

WO is an agency that was born in response to the failings of the traditional advertising group; large, slow, unreactive and technologically behind.

Now, talent starts in local businesses and agencies are not measured by the accounts they have but the content they generate for their clients. For this reason, at WO there are no small clients.

We are a unique, multi-disciplinary agency, which is why we have created a collaborative space with other professionals. Thanks to our years of experience, we work on a one-to-one basis in order to provide a new experience to the customer. The working method at WO is a project in itself, because we work in a new way.

We believe in a different, multi-disciplinary agency, which is why we created a collaborative space with other professionals.
We believe in the power of creativity, design and advertising as tools with an impact on society. For this reason, we want to work on projects with social objectives: circular economy, no waste philosophy, prototypes for crowdfunding, social start-ups, RSC, etc. We want to be people that work for people.
We believe that there are many stories that deserve to be told. For this reason, we created Wostories, a section in which we’ll hear stories in their entirety. Stories about people who inspire us through their work.
Want to know more?
At WO we have a network of collaborators from different disciplines and fields. If you are interested in collaborating, we would love to hear from you. Learn more about our project and, of course, contact us whenever you like.
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