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In WO Stories we share stories about inspiration, work and passion. Stories about people, written for people. People that wonder, work to have an impact and make us wow.

A day in the life: Jabi Medina

Javier Medina writes his name with b. That gives you a clue about Jabi: he seems different and he is, indeed. He is not pretending, he is an authentic freak. He has his mother’s name tattooed, he is a Galician who loves Patatas Bonilla and he gets scared easily. On top of that, he is a brilliant and quick mind that plays with design. He has his own esthetic. A selective culture, same as his selective ability to listen and he laughs out loud. Working with him is inspiring and looking into his carreer path is motivator.

Discovering Juan Zelada

Juan Zelada is a musician who sings and composes his own songs. An artist whose Moleskine is filled with his ideas, messages and hums. Zelada reminds you of a New York bar, with sounds of black and white, sounds of smoke and a sexy dance. His music takes you to the subway, the office or the train and makes you picture stories. Stories with a soundtrack, a familiar sound, of a life you have never lived.

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